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YVY | Ticket to paradise

YVY is not your average musical project. Namely, Berlin-based singer Maraey Coe’s goal is to educate and inspire her listeners through her sound. She hopes that after listening to her music, you are filled with feelings of love for the ones around you and that you will appreciate nature (even) more. It makes sense that the word YVY means ‘Fertile Earth of Paradise’ in the language of the Guanarees, a Brazilian indigenous tribe Maraey’s father made a documentary about.

So how does that sound though? It’s R&B pop, which sometimes perfectly suits a slow dance with an Erykah Badu kinda vibe, like YVY’s newest single Higher Love. Closer, on the other hand, is upbeat and cheerful and somehow reminds me of the late 1990s. I highly recommend watching the accompanying video clip to get into a tropical mood, with beautiful sights of the best Brazil has to offer. Not to mention sight-for-sore-eyes Maraey herself. For those of you who need a theme song for their next adventurous travel, this is it!

Alright YVY, I guess you pulled it off… all I want now is to get on the first plane to paradise with your music as the soundtrack. Hey Google, how much is a ticket to Rio de Janeiro?

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