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Young Bull | Durham R&B trio that is onto something else

Imagine a John Legend voice with a raw edge. Soulful piano melodies. A background choir that’s perfectly in harmony. Catchy raps. Occasional horns. That’s Young Bull.

A name that initially made me imagine another Lil Yachty type of teenager who mumbles about moolah and 420-practices. Luckily, I was very pleasantly surprised. Young Bull is the creation of former JV basketball teammates Tahmique Cameron and Gabe Fox-Peck, who later added rapper and singer Christian Sinclair to their posse. The trio is based in Durham, North Carolina, and describes their sound as a fusion of trap and old-school soul.

Their 2016 album Sopadelic is a beautiful piece of art. One where relationships are a recurring theme. In Egyptian Joint, Cameron talks about wandering the world, though only feeling like home when being reunited with his woman. On Miscommunication, he dives into the topic of over-thinking. My personal favorite, the reason being that it’s a relief to learn men too have their doubts and it’s not just women who anxiously wait by the phone, wondering whether we’re chasing after another Ghost.

Sopadelic is a jazzy eight-track collection that should be played from a vintage record player on the first day of Spring. And all the following days after.

I have my hopes up for these young guys. Not only do they make amazing music, they’re also extremely likable. Watch their recent vlog and I’m positive you will join my cheer leading team too.

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