Yellow Days

Yellow Days | The young broken heart with an old soul

It’s been far too long since I listened to an artist that gave off the same raw vibes that fellow British singer King Krule once did, but thankfully, that wait is finally over.

At just 18 years old, Yellow Days continues to push the new indie wave of young artists (following footsteps of the now famous hip-hop iPhone producer Steve Lacy), making great music that isn’t quite long enough. With a young heart and an old soul, George van den Broek, channels his unedited, raw, and youthful experience of a heartache through his raspy, timeless voice and hypnotic beats. With a little help from German poet Charles Bukowski, as sampled on “A Little While”.

“Love is kind of like when you see a fog in the morning, when you wake up before the sun comes out. It’s just a little while, and then it burns away…”  — Charles Bukowski

With his debut EP “Harmless Melodies” on his resume and his endless potential, Yellow Days is definitely one to keep an eye on. I’m very interested in seeing how this young talent can progress.

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