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This is Sign this Kid. The creative outlet of avid SoundCloud digger Megan, a Berlin-based Marketing Manager that talks mostly about SoundCloud producers, carbs topped with cheese, New York and how amazing live concerts (and equally terrible modern-day dating) are. With so many talented, and often ridiculously young, bedroom producers and soulful voices, Sign this Kid shares must-hear music from promising talent. Often unsigned, sometimes signed to smaller labels.

Submissions, bad jokes, friend requests and must-hear song recommendations:


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  1. Hi my name is Joseph and I digg the whole vibe and them of your music blog, I came across it because you followed my IG page
    Im an unsigned talent from Fort Worth, TX, USA & my main source of inspiration is from 90s boom bap rap & old motown records and I would love to share sum music with you
    I attached my soundcloud and is my main website which contains all my Visuals, and more music that is only available on itunes, spotify, & other digital markets
    I would love to hear your opinion & thank you for your time to read this, one love.


    1. Megan

      Thank you so much for reaching out, really appreciate it! I got you on my radar, David Allen Dope recommended your music and I LOVE IT! There will be a write-up, your music should be heard by many. Keep going Joseph, I’m a fan! ❤️

  2. Hello my name is Cesar Santalo. I am a singer/songwriter from Miami. I would describe my music as a mix of R&B and pop. My inspirations are Frank Ocean, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, and Post Malone. In my music you can hear how they inspire me. I would like you to really check out my music and hear what you think about it. Thank you for your time.

  3. Hi My name is Edison and im a singer/songwriter from england but im living in canada at the moment. Im currently unsigned but we formed a group called 2fly productions that has a lot of talent coming up. We are inspired y so many different genres of music and try to incorporate bits and pieces from all styles in our own way. I attached my soundcloud if you want to take a listen at what we are all about. I would love to get feedback from you. I really enjoy what you are doing with this blog. keep it up. Thanks for taking time out to read this. it means more than you can imagine

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