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Versailles the Everything | Your next female emcee

I LOVE discovering female artists, especially emcees. In a male-dominated hip hop world, it makes me proud to see queens like Cardi and Little Simz rise all the way to the top and finally acquire the acknowledgment that they should have deserved from the start. I hope artists like these will pave the way for upcoming talented songstresses, such as Versailles the Everything.

When Versailles song Still Got It (It’s Yours) came up in the related tracks, I ran back to my laptop to check who was responsible for those catchy bars. I love the laidbackness, the smart use of words and effortless flow that was coming through my speakers. Each additional song from Versailles’ three-year-old album Injvstice made me more hyped about how the West Palm Beach-based artist handles her bars. Welcome ends with Versailles perception of injustice; “It’s much easier to understand someone than it is to accept them”. It’s subsequent Injustice then starts with Jay Z talking about the non-existing relationship between money and happiness, after which Versailles raps about impressing the wrong people and more stay-true-to-you topics she explains on her Genius page. An EP that is entertainment, as much as it is food for thought.

Fast forward three years later and we are presented with a softer version of Versailles – one that angelically sings about romances. A side I equally enjoy listening to!

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