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Varsity | The UI grad that knows how to have a good time

Varsity’s latest mixtape is a great listen, I’m telling you. If only because of that kick-ass intro that starts with a dialogue, followed by a dope freestyle. An intro that had me seriously confused, looking around who on earth was knocking on the door.

Varsity is the artist name of Bradley Perl, a UI graduate whose Instagram is full of envious, sunny pictures. Bradley seems like the type of guy that gets himself in plenty of adventures and fun situations.

The Chicago rapper just released Dean’s List, a mixtape that serves as an ode to his college days. How this sounds precisely? The 10-track project is a collection of easygoing, fun songs that are an excellent mood booster. Varsity raps about living in the moment, getting lit, pouring another drink and flirting with girls. An EP that reminds me of my own chaotic student days; living off pre-packed noodle soups, waking up hungover most Fridays and being heartbroken over a rapper I dated briefly for months in a row (wait … why is this all still relevant?!).

My favorite tracks on the album are Back in Session and Skyscrapers. The latter being the type of song to be played on full-blast while cruising the Californian coastline. The mixtape then continues with the completely different track Beat Go; a cheerful, electronic song that reminds me of that 2012 summer anthem by Klangkarussell.

Towards the end of the mixtape, Varsity slows down for On the Chase and For the Ride. The first offers an in-depth view of his on-off relationship with a woman he knows he can never truly have. The mixtape then ends with more heartfelt words, as we hear Varsity talk about having difficulties choosing between friends, relationships and chasing dreams … though eventually pulling up to his woman’s crib. Whether that was the best decision? I’m not sure.

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