Trevor Lanier

Trevor Lanier | Wilmington story teller with an all-star producer team

The first fact you need to know about Trevor Lanier is that he has an excellent taste in music producers. The first song I heard from the East Coast elite was “Say That”, where the Wilmington story teller spits bars over a Medasin beat. The second song I vibed to was “Palms Up”, where Lanier collaborates with music producer extraordinaire Lege Kale. The third song I listened to featured rising Munich-based producer Lehvi. The fourth song showcased Lanier rapping over HXNS‘ banger beat “Work” (check out HXNS for contagious R&B remixes from Childish Gambino, Beyoncé, and Ray J).

Like, DAAAMN! Naturally, I was sold.

The second fact you need to know about Trevor Lanier, formerly known as T.REV, is that the guy can rap. Inspired by Dizzy Wright, Audio Push, and Kyle, the former drummer writes a good amount of his lyrics up in the air when traveling to explore new places. “I don’t know what it is about being so high up and away from the world that allows me to think clearly and in new ways,” he says about the process (source TheHipHopGuru). Lanier is currently working on his currently still no named EP; a piece of art I can’t wait to hear! This is going to be good…

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