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TREE CLUB | Laid back London hip hop

Ah, TREE CLUB. This article is both an ode to the East London duo and their wonderful music, as much as it is a plea to get them back in the studio. The faces behind the laid back vibes are Remedee & Freddywinter from the ELDK (East London Dope Kids) movement.

Their 2016 album Kicking demos is an eleven track project featuring other noteworthy London artists such as rapper Barney Artist and songwriter Ego Ella May. Features that show, once again, that London is not only beaming with talent, but also a creative hub that brings musicians together. Once you stumble upon TREE CLUB, there’s a good chance names like Barney, Ella, Tom Misch, Alfa Mist, Szjerdene, Jorja Smith, Loyle Carner, Carmody, Jordan Rakei, Emmavie and many others pop up. The list is endless.

TREE CLUB’s music is a must-hear because of the real lyrics and well-curated beats. Songs like Allure and Cold will never sound old to me. Curious to hear? Listen below.

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