Sign this Kid Tieran

Tieran | Real-life, conscious hip hop that’ll relate to many

Tieran just released his entirely self-made album, named Deep End. The album is accompanied by a music video for the track Sick, that shows Tieran in a hospital gown walking through an abandoned grass field. A mood that fits well to the stories Tieran shares. The Lancaster/Columbus rapper is relatable to many artists out there, as he talks about the struggle of having big dreams, failing, picking yourself back up, and the tiresome effort of trying to find a glimpse of recognition in an overcrowded music world.

His project is as real as it gets, taking the listener through a journey of emotions (from feeling defeated on Sick to showing his soft side on My Moon and getting into full-on beast mode on Fuck What You Thought). At the end of the day it’s good to know, hard work WILL pay off.

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