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Ticklish | Berlin’s very own master of R&B juke beats

There are a lot of amazing hip hop producers residing in Berlin. I’m talking about worldwide acknowledged producer IAMNOBODI, Bluestaeb, YMI, Sugaboy, S. Fidelity and the highlight of my week: Ticklish. On November 15th, the master of R&B reboots and catchy juke beats surprised us with the fifth installment of his amazing series Reboots.

Previous Reboots editions have been a blessing for the ear. Volume 1 was released in August 2013, back when the producer’s alter-ego was still anonymous and his face permanently covered underneath a rabbit mask. The five-track selection of bassy footwork joints was bouncy, club-ready and timeless (four years later and No 1 But U will still get people hyped on the dance floor). Nearly a year later there was another four-track project in collaboration with DJ Paypal, containing a Suga Suga (how you get so fly) variation much less corny, much more enjoyable.

Then a much longer Volume 3 was released in June 2015. It contained the banger opener Emotional and then went straight to the song that is one of my all-time favorites. Touching Me is the energetic, bass-heavy song you need when things are very meh and you need to shift your bad energies into happy-go-lucky vibes. It’s SO HARD not to nod your head, sing along and let it all out when those footwork BPMs kick in.

On Volume 4, Ticklish uses Amy Winehouse’s soulful voice to layer over an upbeat, spacey, melodic beat, giving similar treatments to Alicia’s You Don’t Know My Name and Ciara’s Oh Baby.

Last Wednesday, the Berlin producer finally added a successor to that precious EP. Volume 5, whose beautiful artwork is made by my lovely friend Nathalie Heider, has been the highlight of my week. It’s the first EP that I bought before even hearing one single song. When Ticklish releases music, you know the sound will be excellent and flawlessly edited and combined together. And that’s exactly what can be heard on his ever-so-infectious reboots of Kanye West, Craig David, Cardi B and Drake hits on Reboots Volume 5.

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