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Tiana Khasi | Glowed-up Brisbane R&B songstress

Beware single ladies: Tiana Khasi will definitely make you feel some type of way. The sultry Brisbane songstress just released the first single off of her upcoming 2019 EP Mehalaya.

At first listen, Nuketown is dreamy, cozy and instantly makes you want to find a boo and spend the night in cuddling under feathery-soft bed sheets. Though, the catch is, when listening closer, the message is one that actually strives for self-worth.

“At the time of writing Nuketown, I was processing the end of one too many toxic relationships in which my strength was underestimated. The song gave me a chance to have a more confrontational conversation embellished by a tender soundscape of strings, hushed vocals and ethereal synths.”

Khasi (pronounced kah-see) sings “How could you think, you could cross me twice?” An attitude we should all strive for during our next dating escapade, especially when saying it with so much grace as Tiana Khasi does in the accompanying music video. Watch her glowed-up in dimmed pink lightning performing traditional Siva Samoa dance moves as an ode to her heritage. I can’t wait for this EP!

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