Sign this Kid Tahj Ace

Tahj Ace | Brooklyn rapper with London vibes

Tahj Ace is the Brooklyn rapper that gives me real London boy vibes. Some tracks on his 2018 EP Cool High 1.0. remind me of the British grime scene, mostly because of how Tahj spits his verses. Inspired by icons like Biggie Smalls, Wu-Tang Clan, and Kriss Kross, the eager young artist is working hard towards earning his spot in the rap world. His EP displays a variety of styles, some which grab my attention more than others. Heights has those catchy flows, while songs like EL CAMINO featuring Frank Stoney and These Days featuring Alfa Simmonds and Lexington are strong because of that sunny beat and those back-in-the-day-hip-hop-bars. Tahj Ace might need a few more years to refine his craft, but his hard work will definitely pay off.

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