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Meet TaeJaun | The R&B singer that wants to bring back real love and true feelings

Artist name: TaeJaun
Based in: South Jersey
Genre: R&B and Soul I guess is what people would call it but I usually call it (Anything Soul)
Influences: I have several different influences, from Musiq Soulchild to Jon Bellion. I wouldn’t be able to narrow it down. I’d just say any type of music that I can FEEL influences me
Must-hear songs:
TaeJaun – Lanay feat. C/Newman (prod. Tom Misch)
TaeJaun – Walk Away (Prod. IAMNOBODI)
Taejaun – Missing Out on Love feat. C/Newman (prod. DILIP)
Sotrioty – Lie (feat. C/Newman & TaeJaun & e)
TaeJaun – SeeThingsDiferently Project

Major congratulations on your brand new album “SeeThingsDiferently”. What’s the story behind this project?

Thanks a lot for the love! In this project I’m just explaining how I see things differently, in this particular project; Love from my POV. Every song is a real situation (mostly about my first love). I’m hoping people can feel what I’m talking about and relate in any kind of way, and maybe even take something from the music and use it in their personal life. Or if not, that they just vibe with the music.

If you could sit down and play the album to anyone in the music business, who would it be and what advice would you ask this person?

I think it would be dope to sit and talk to people like Tyler the Creator, Chance the Rapper, Jon Bellion, Stevie Wonder, John Legend, JCole and a whole lot of others! Haha, I can’t narrow it down to just one.

I honestly don’t know what I’d ask, it would depend on the conversation. Maybe like, “Am I doing it the right way?” as in, “Am I taking the right steps to reach as many people as possible to spread the message I want”, which is the FEELing of love for all. FREE ENERGY EXPAND LOVE! #FEEL

What is your ideal setting for writing new music?

I usually write music while I’m recording the song. It’s usually always an in-the-moment type of thing with the way I write, but sometimes lines or concepts would come to me when I’m on the train on the way to school, or even at work walking around (acting as if I’m doing something).

A good amount of your music is about lost loves and past relationships. What’s your view on modern romance in this Tinder-era?

Ok so I’m not talking about everyone out there in the world, but I do think the actual word “love” and the feeling of it is foreign to the people in the world today. There’s a lot of fake love out there. It’s like people don’t understand it. I think it’s because there’s not enough people showing what REAL LOVE actually is. All of this Social Media & reality TV nonsense, in my opinion, is showing a lot of fake love. Then when people see what they “think” is love, online or on a TV show, they try to imitate it in their personal life, which results in fake love being tossed around EVERYWHERE. It’s pretty weird. I just want the world to FEEL again.

Who is TaeJaun next to being a talented musician? What are your interests, hobbies, dreams?

I do regular things outside of music, like take care of my son, play basketball, go to work, school, etc. I love having a good time though, so I do go out sometimes.

My dreams are:
1. To spread a message to as many people as I can worldwide to make people understand what it is to feel real love. Not just relationship love, but love to all and most importantly, yourself! You gotta truly love yourself to be able to show someone else love
2. To make the best music I possibly can, working with people I’ve always wanted
3. And to make sure my son is happy and understands what it feels like to be loved
4. Continue to grow and expand this movement of FEEL with my team Sotrioty, which consists of three other artists (Smadar Rubin, C/Newman & E leven)

You mention on Twitter Tyler the Creator is one of the most inspiring people on earth (I agree completely). Why Tyler?

First, I just wanna say that, that man is the funniest person on this planet. Second, I always knew him and even his team were different, but they’re super creative and their work ethic is crazy and super inspiring! I respect what he does, man. He’s doing everything he always wanted to do and is also having fun while doing it! I always remember he said he makes goals for things he cant physically get, which pushes him forever knowing that he has to work for those things forever. It’s more of a “maintaining” type of thing, instead of just an achieving and moving on type of thing. For example, he said he wants to maintain good health, to keep creating great music, etc. (keyword KEEP). He’s a smart dude, I respect what he does.

Imagine your album breaking records and you’re nominated in the category “Best new artist”. What would your acceptance speech sound like?

I’d say whatever came to me at the moment, honestly … I just might cry! (lol knowing where I came from and how hard I had to work for it). It would be a lotta of thank you’s, but the main thank you would be for God! And I’d just let it be known that receiving the award is a reminder of why I’m here on earth and that it’s also a reminder of that I’m suppose to keep going. It’s only the start. Then I’d scream something. I don’t know what I’d scream, but I’d definitely scream something.

Will you be performing “SeeThingsDiferently” live? What can we expect from you in the next few months?

I will be performing live, at any venue I can! These next few months people can expect a bunch of new music, from me and from everyone in the team Sotrioty. New visuals for the music will be coming and the start of different events and activities involving the community. We will be seen everywhere possible! #FEEL #Sotrioty

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