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TADZ | The producer that made me listen to Calvin Harris

This is like a flashback, flashback.

If people would ask me about Calvin Harris, the only thing I could tell you about him is that he once dated Taylor Swift. The 16-year-old version of me partying on a beach in Greece might have loved Harris, the modern-day Megan places him in the same box as David Guetta and Afrojack — music I’ll probably never voluntarily put on (yes, even though Afrojack is Dutch and I should be supporting my folks and yadi-yadi-ya. Still, I’ll pass).

Yet I’m currently stuck with an undeniable Calvin Harris earwurm

All thanks to producer TADZ and his newly released song Flashback.

TADZ is the alias of 22-yeard old Aussie slash Māori producer Adam. His SoundCloud contains upbeat, at times early Kaytranada-like productions, and old school mixes with all your nineties favorites. Like his live quickmixed set that opens with Nelly’s Hot in Herre (or, the first music bet I ever won by confidentally knowing it was spelled with two R’s). Though TADZ’s mixing and transitions still need to be refined, his productions definitely have me bouncin’ around.

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