Sign this kid Sylvan Lacue

Sylvan LaCue | The rapper extraordinaire that wants to be his best self

I thought long about whether or not to feature Sylvan LaCue on Sign this Kid. Not because I doubt his skills, but because I believe everyone should know this rapper extraordinaire by now.

Sylvan LaCue will be huge this year, truss mi daddy *in Drake vine voice*.

I was first introduced to his flawless storytelling and excellent performance at The Roxy in LA, where LaCue warmed up for Pivot Gang member SABA. Back then I never heard of the name Sylvan LaCue, but what struck me was his first-class act. This is an artist that comes on stage prepared and knows how to interact with his audience. I was beyond impressed.

The Miami rapper/singer first started making music in 2009 under the name QuEST and has since been on a rocky journey of personal struggles and many attempts to find himself as an artist (full story on his Wikipedia). With the Bucket List tour completed (which was completely financed by the independent artists themselves) and his newly released, simple yet aesthetically pleasing video “Grateful” (featuring director Jonathan Benavente’s childhood home roof), I feel like Sylvan LaCue might have finally found himself.

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