Sign this Kid SWADE

SWADE | Chicago-based rapper that delivers from A to Z

I stumbled upon Chicago-based rapper SWADE after seeing the repost on Leuca’s SoundCloud (the two teamed up on Window Seat).

My first reaction? GET, OUTTA, HERE!

You know when you’re casually browsing music while doing a bunch of other shit simultaneously. But then 30 seconds in you stop whatever you’re doing and just sit there, mind-blown, wondering what the heck is happening in your headphones.

That’s SWADE for you.

His EP Have A Nice Day is giving me a VERY nice Monday indeed.

The 25-year-old rapper jumps right in with his remarkably catchy Run It Up. Florida producer and drummer Jacob Cardec is to thank for that.

SWADE, real name Matthew Wade, then follows with another Cardec-produced track called City Of Wind – another energetic tracks that showcases SWADE’s diverse Kendrick-like vocal range.

In All That I Need, he dives into a more trappy sound with bars that could serve very well as an extended part on Jay Rock’s Vice City.

The five tracks thereafter are equally wavey and inspired by rap duos UGK and OutKast, and “somewhere between Trick daddy and Langston Hughes“.

For me, each individual track on the album is a banger on its own – which, really, doesn’t happen all that often.

SWADE knows exactly how to craft interesting lyrics, stretch his vocal skills and pick beats that lure you in from the start. Chapeau!

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