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Suave-Ski | Real-life tales on no fuss beats

He’s all the way suavedup.

That might have been my most terrible word play to date. Forget about that line.

Today we’re talking about New London (as in Connecticut) emcee Suave-Ski, who released his project *insert suspension* “Suavedup” a few days ago. A sixteen-track album that’s an easy listen from the very first song. The album serves as an introduction to not only Suave’s rap, but also his design work for his upcoming clothing line.

Lord Suavington relies on low-key beats. A choice well-made, as his lyrics could easily stand by itself. Suave-Ski has refined his rap in such a way that he doesn’t need any hyped beats or auto-tune effects. Same as Des Brennan, whom I raved about earlier.

The relaxed hip hop album enlightens the listener with food-for-thought messages such as the line “I you sleep for eight hours you will never be rich in this country. You cannot sleep for eight hours, that’s a third of your life” on the introduction track. On track five “Suavecito” we hear Forth Worth-based J/O/E, another great rapper whom I featured earlier in the STK Weekly playlist.

Further along on the tracks “Ladykiller” and “Step Up”, we learn that Suave-Ski is a single father that worries about providing for young Suave and today’s families often falling apart. Other topics that can be heard on “Suavedup” are Ski’s diligent work ethic, his upbringing, and making the most out of the life you have. Refreshingly real!

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