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STK Weekly | Too much sauce 🔥

Hold up, hold up …

1. Put your speakers on full-blast
2. Move the couch to make room for potential dancing
3. Though, keep the couch in sight for the jazzy tunes in between

Cuz fam, things are about to get lit.

I discovered so many bangers, soulful melodies and killer remixes on SoundCloud this week and I’m beyond excited to share them with you.

You ready?

Like, really ready?

Okay, LET’S GO 👏

All praise goes to the talented folks on this playlist, including THE most promising producer on SoundCloud Gazpacho., as well as FOXPECK, MistaDC, Raff Alpha, Amber Haze, jus lovehall, SNOH AALEGRA, Bria Zhanae, submerse, YOUNG BULL, Submotion Orchestra, meltycanon, Cavaro, Brasstracks, Full Crate, K, Le Maestro, s e s h, ntourage, Abrax Phaeton and kyo-ken.

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