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Stephcynie | Letters to past romances

Versatile like Rihanna, vulnerable like John Mayer and vibey like Stevie Wonder—that’s how Houston-born Stephcynie describes her contemporary R&B. A combination of styles that indeed can be heard on her 1-month old EP I Don’t Love You. The six tracks each sound like an open letter to a former romantic relationship, starting off with my personal favorite essay Temporary. A softly sung ballad that tells the story of a girl that is drawn in and out of love, knowing the guy is no good for her. We learn that Stephcynie falls out of love with her partner in crime, and how he’s trying to push his views on her (as heard in Losing You). On track 5, Stephcynie introduces us to feature CAMM—a hip hop artist from Memphis. The EP is a calm, heartfelt story about different stages of love, ending with a ballad that shows we eventually all get over our heartbreaks.

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