Southpaw Blush EP

Southpaw | An eclectic daydream about tender love

Remember that feeling when you’re newly crushing on someone, went through all the “obligatory” outdoor activity dates, and finally spend that one lazy Sunday doing nothing but gaze at each other eyes, laugh at silly jokes, talk hours, and make lots of love? That’s the tender love daze that is expressed in the new EP of Australian producer, radio host, and vocalist Southpaw.

“Blush”, is the name of the eight-track long daydream. An eclectic dream, created by Nevada Knight; an artist with a name so powerful that it makes you wonder why she chose a pseudonym in the first place. The beats heavily influenced by space-like synths and her voice calming and smooth. Southpaw’s ode to crushes and love contains lyrics like “I wanna take it slow, then I wanna take it down low. You know how I like it, I’m not gonna fight it” on Mesmerised and “She’s so nervous about the slightest touch, he kisses her feeling. She’s so high on the boy she likes” in He Gives Her That Feeling. I need a crush, like now.

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