Sign this Kid Souly Had

Souly had | Heart-warming indie and turn-up rap in one

Souly had defines his music as hip-pop, a mix between rap flows that slightly remind me of Mac Miller and sung melodies that could be categorized as indie or alternative. Souly had can as easily transform the club into a massive trap turn-up, as he could move a crowd with a sentimental heartbreak song. A talent so versatile, that his solo tracks sound like features.

Though souly had is perfectly fine on his own, his collaborations with Alanna Aguiar are a perfect match. Her Sunday morning vibes are perfectly balanced with his laid-back rap and occasional soulful background notes. The upstate New York newcomer has over five years of material on his SoundCloud. Most of his early work is instrumental beats. Though the hip-hop beats are well composed, I’m happy souly had one fine day three years ago decided to take that Esta beat and start using his tuneful vocals.

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