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SOSUPERSAM | All-round cool kid with a sultry R&B vibe

Meet DJ, vocalist, dancer, Soulection affiliate and 143-founder Samantha Duenas, alias SOSUPERSAM, alias my #WCW. The Los Angeles based all-round cool kid has always been known for her flawless performance behind the decks but surprised everyone with her smooth vocals when she released her first EP GARDEN two years ago. A debut EP that came with must-have merch and catchy singles such as Like—my long distance anthem—and slightly sad love songs like Anyway and The End.

From then onwards, I was hoping she’d bring out those sultry vocals during every DJ set. Sometimes she did, in Berlin, not so much. Which is why I was excited to discover the arrival of her second debut EP Priority – a project with more sleek, R&B-inspired vocals and this time around, an actual North America tour. Complete with lots of singing, Tumblr-repost worthy outfits and dope back-up dancers. The three-track EP is velvety smooth, with hints of 90s R&B and a splash of Spice Girls’ Holler (does anyone else hear that in the track Priority?). More of this, please!

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