Sign this Kid socially distant orchestra

Socially Distant Orchestra

We’re gonna do something completely different today: classical music! WOW, my millennial neo-soul loving self never even thought about listening to classical music, until it randomly appeared in my YouTube autoplay list.


It is the most relaxing, meditative music. Ten minutes of this with headphones and a cozy blanket and you will feel recharged and more hopeful about the world. It’s absolutely beautiful to listen to.

The creators of this magic? People from all around the world! Social Distant Orchestra is founded by Adam Grannick, a New York-based filmmaker,  classically trained violinist and the founder of Filmelodic. The idea started after Adam put out a Facebook request to play Beethoven with other musicians. After an overwhelming amount of interest, the group was formed, and a handful of other virtual collaborations have since come from it.

If you look closely, you’ll spot cats, kids, homemade instruments, hilarious outfits and many more hidden gems. I personally find this a lot more fun to watch than seeing 50 serious-looking people suited up in a concert hall.

Follow and explore Adam’s YouTube channel here.