Shane Stokes

Shane Stokes | Playful love raps on video game-like melodies

“We fell in love, I’m like wtf, break my heart, please just don’t break my heart” and “Sitting in my room, I’m just hoping you text back, sitting in my car, I’m just hoping you text back, sitting at the mall, I’m just hoping you text back”. I don’t know about you, but Shane Stokes basically summed up my dating life in those two songs right there.

The Orlando artist makes light-hearted, playful rap on beats that at times feel like you landed in a round of Snake. The Gameboy-like sound effects in “Text Back” make me envision animated princesses with pink dresses popping up throughout the entire song. Stokes’ catchy love raps are refreshingly simple, which is exactly why it works. After listening to “Break My Heart (Don’t)” for the fourth time in a row, I accidentally and sort of automatically found myself mimicking all the lyrics.

I’m waiting for Stokes’ to make fame so I can perform his song in a Korean karaoke bar in New York one drunk evening. That would be the dream.

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