Sean C. Johnson | This is not a drill

“Saved by Grace. Old soul. My life revolves around dope beats & chicken wings.”

If you even just listen to one song by Oklahoma hip-hop slash soul artist Sean C. Johnson, you’ll realize his bio states exactly what his music sounds like. His voice feels warm, distinctive and when I first heard him on a feature with Jonathan Baker, I had to check who was responsible for those smooth bars. Johnson gave me mad early 2000s John Legend vibes. In 2018, the former Air Force Staff Sergeant released his album Days Like This—an album that’s the perfect mix between old soulful jams you want to play on vinyl and club-worthy rap tracks (listen to Cookin). And best of all, the lyrics are refreshingly women-friendly. No big booty doggy style references, but stories about that good old love that’s based on mutual respect.

And that’s not all this entertainer has to offer. On Instagram, Sean C. Johnson keeps fans engaged with his Seanie Awards. In the small, well-designed clips, Johnson picks artists and awards them in categories such as “Album of the Year” (SiR, YASSSS) and “Most Underrated Female Artist.” Very impressed with this multi-talent!

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