Sign this Kid Sabre

SABRE | The neo-soul flower that’s about to blossom

“Lay back, sit babe, just enjoy my company”

Everything about this track is perfection. SABRE’s warm, characteristic tones put you in a good mood immediately. The 1994 San Diego gone Toronto singer goes by the name of Sabre Hannah and has a voice that can light up any room. Her neo soul songs make me long for hazy days, for white bedsheets that catch the sunlight on an early morning, for romances that feel like a bubble with no sense of realism.

Apart from her dreamy music, SABRE’s Instagram is notable too. The collection of body-confident, pure photographs portray a woman that knows what she is about and owns it. Her website bio reads that SABRE keeps a healthy balance through other creative mediums such as painting, cooking, yoga, and community involvement.

SABRE grew up admiring 90s pop stars such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Missy Elliot, and first climbed the stage at the tender age of four  at an open-mic at a local coffee shop. Fast forward eleven years later and she and her mom regularly made Los Angeles audition roadtrips to pursue her young-hearted dream. By eighteen, SABRE called herself a professional singer, who’s now striving to craft something special in her new hometown Toronto.

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