Runkus | Introducing reggae 2.0

Do you have your sunscreen? A pair of sunglasses? A cocktail? Good! Now you may hit play on Runkus’ new EP “orientation.”.

The Kingston reggae singer, who’s real name is Romario Sebastian Anthony Bennett, released his new EP exactly ten days ago and I would have probably not stumbled upon it, if it wouldn’t be for the killer trio of featured producers. Iotosh and Film Noir associates Krs. and KingBNJMN are responsible for the future beat vibes, that work surprisingly magnificent with Runkus’ Jamaican sound. A tailor-made combination I wouldn’t have imagined succeeding at first thought. This is reggae 2.0, and I’m genuinely hoping this trend makes it way around the globe, blasting through the speakers of sweaty, smoky basement dance floors.

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