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Ruby Francis | Your smooth R&B night time therapist

The nice thing about SoundCloud is that when you follow the right people, music discovery becomes so so easy. UK beatsmith OrionAnakaris reposted a song by British singer/songwriter Ruby Francis and quite honestly, it was definitely that vintage-looking 90s pink cover that made me click play in a heartbeat.

My first reaction? “Ayyeeee”! ❤

Like a, this makes me so happy right now type of aye. Like a, I need to organize a girls night and drink prosecco with my girls on the balcony type of aye. Like a, damn I am so happy I came across this girl because she will be all over BBC, Radar Radio, and Capital very soon type of aye.

Ruby Francis’ four-track EP “Night Time Therapy” is a smooth ride, the summertime kind of music that you will love if you also enjoy the music of Lianne La Havas, Joyce Wrice, and Ella Mai (whose new album “READY” is a great listen). Her lyrics are all spot on. Lines we know all too well as single girls trying to chase after prince charming in this twisted dating generation. In “Paranoid” Francis sings “I think I’d rather on my own, then wonder who’s on the phone. You know that I’m no good with jealousy, I’m paranoid baby can’t you see?”. The last track “Traffic Lights” tells the story of not knowing whether your crush is down or not, changing his signs all the time. Haven’t we all been there?

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