Roiael | 2 AM heartfelt folk that makes you have all the feels

“I want to be free because I’m living life but I don’t know what to be. Can I drown in your sea? Take me away, take me away. I want to go, can I go away with you?”

I woke up at 2 AM, saw an artist from Nottingham called Roiael followed me on Instagram, and decided to quickly check out his song “Blue Outfit”.

I was NOT ready for the beautiful feelings that were about to hit me. I sat there alone in my bed, complete darkness, listening to ROYALE’s unbelievably touching voice, and after exactly ten seconds the first tear rolled down from the corner of my eye.

I imagined that, if I’d ever take a hike somewhere in some Lord of the Rings-like landscape of endless green mountains, all alone with nothing but a slightly cold breeze, this is the song that will make everything even more perfect. I thought about how I wish I had my family closer by. I thought about my irreplaceable, one-of-a-kind friends. I wondered if I should have handled past relationships differently. I counted my blessings. I closed my eyes, hit repeat, and got lost all over in the overwhelming emotions that hit me right there, in the midst of the night. I felt a spark of magic.

I was not ready to be blown away by so much beauty. But damn, was I thankful.


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