Sign this Kid Rizzy Reala

Rizzy Reala | Philadelphia rapper that draws you in immediately

Rizzy Reala – a name you will want to note down. The Philadelphia-based rapper contacted me asking to listen to his new mixtape Good Things To Come. I did, and three songs later I found myself asking my friends to do the same thing.

Good Things To Come starts with Here I Stand, a six-minute long track that immediately draws you in. From the moment the voice message recording starts playing, the beat kicks in and Reala starts rapping. It’s hard to not like the vibes that are taking over your headphones. The rich sound and pleasant vocals instantly made me forget whatever was happening around me.

The mixtape continues with more upbeat tracks like All For It, Choices and So Many Wishes. Rizzy Reala talks about making time to earn money, not giving up on dreams, working towards platinum albums and his rocky path to finding a good girl. Guided by well-chosen beats and beautiful samples, like the Submotion Orchestra-sounding* vocals on Nobody Else.

The one-hour project offers a peek into Rizzy Reala’s journey and the decisions and sacrifices he continuously makes to get where he wants to be. A journey that makes you rethink your own priorities.

* A seven piece band from England that fuses electronica, soul, ambient electronica, jazz and dub and that I highly recommend to go and see live, if you ever have the chance.

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