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RIN | The Supreme advocate that will take German rap overseas

I’ve been in Berlin for more than five years and managed to like exactly one German rap song. Something with “*I have no clue what everyone’s singing* … bang bang bang” (it’s this here). Until my friend told me about Berlin rapper RIN, the Stuttgart original (well, Bietigheim-Bissingen, but God knows where that is) who had his breakthrough when teaming up with Yung Hurn on “Bianco”.

RIN is your typical Berlin hip hop meets high-end streetwear guy, complete with golden-framed glasses, a bum bag for his weed kit, and a big bomber jacket from a brand you probably can’t afford. His songs are based on a handful of topics, namely Supreme (along with Palace and Nokia flip phones), Berlin night adventures with his equally fashionable gang, chain-smoking Marlboro cigarettes, playing video games, and not paying for the u-bahn. Which is actually so hilarious to me that I can totally appreciate it. I call it simplicity at its best.

His sound is nothing you would expect from a German rapper. The international vibe, trappy beats, and catchy hooks are wildly addictive and even with limited knowledge of the German language, you will soon find yourself singing along to RIN’s songs (Brudi, glaube mir…).

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