Sign this Kid Reyna Biddy

Reyna Biddy | Queen of heartfelt, powerful words

Spoken word, for me, is probably the most intimate, heartfelt way to deliver a message.

The first time I heard Malanda J’s keep yo’ heart / let them leave I went silent, sat down, listened carefully to each word being expressed, taking them in, feeling them connect to personal memories, learning. Or his track rose – thorn, which contains such beautiful melodies and emotional words, that my eyes tear up each time I press play.

That’s why I loved discovering that Reyna Biddyindeed, the woman behind that Kehlani introreleased her EP Soul y Luna.

The six-track project takes us through different stages of emotions. On the intro track, KARMA, we hear Biddy talk about pleasing people’s expectations and breaking free from wanting to do the right thing.

EGO touches upon our ever-lasting struggle; love. It dives into empty promises. Broken endings. Forcing a sense of hope that maybe, just maybe…

Track three, MEMORIAL, goes back to memories of a previous connection that was once intimate and is now, gone. Which got me thinking about the oddity of relationships – on how people you once layed in bed with for hours, kissing, hugging, are now no longer crossing your mind at all. On how it’s nearly impossible to grasp the feeling of being close to them, though you did so intensely once.

On HAUNTINGS, Biddy gets real on mother lessons about loveor what love should feel likepast relationships, starting a family, feeling empty and heartbreaking family affairs. A song that made my heart ache and had me in tears by the end of the nine-minute confession.

At that moment, Reyna Biddy became my superwoman. So delicate, so vulnerable, but most of all a woman so incredibly strong. A woman that refuses to give up on finding true love and is learning to let go of previous battles and heartaches. That’s the kind of woman I want to be.

Thank you, Reyna.

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