Sign this Kid Raff Alpha

Raff Alpha | Baltimore’s most confident lyricist, for a reason

A product of Nas, holding the keys to success like Khaled and introducing himself with a flow that at times speeds up to level Twista. Baltimore rapper Raff Alpha comes with a fair amount of self-confidence, but admittedly, not without a reason.

The emcee effortlessly finds his way with words on his EP The Alpha Male, released November 2016. A twelve-track project that contains Dilla beats and clever, contagious bars that are smooth as butter. Raff Alpha is an artist that hated school but loves to rap. An artist that is ambitious, dreams of driving an all-black 1986 Pontiac Firebird and envisions himself performing in Cali. An artist that meditates daily, scribbles his substantial thoughts on pieces of paper and feels like a lot of rappers these days sound the same.

Curious to find out more about Raff Alpha? Listen to the EP front to back and you’ll get a real good feel for what’s happening in the mind of this promising lyricist.

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