Quickly, quickly

Quickly, quickly | Beats to daydream to

In the SoundCloud sphere this guy has gathered quite some fame already. Complexion often features him in his Future Beats Show, Snoop Dogg low-key gave him a shout out and his song comments read nothing but positive shout outs, such as “I cannot believe how gifted you are dude” and “Most talented dude on sc right now”.

Sixteen-year-old Graham from Portland posted his first track one year ago and already gathered a following of over 16,6K raving fans. His mellow, piano-heavy beats are the perfect invitation to daydream about all of life’s beauty. Plus, they easily whip up over 100K listens in a matter of weeks. Luckily, crafting beats for his quickly, quickly and slowly, slowly accounts (the latter features upbeat Mary J. Blige and 2Pac flips) doesn’t interfere too much with him actually being a teenager. Graham still finds time to play with crocodogs and capture beautiful sceneries for his gram.

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