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Pugs Atomz | Engaging rap with surprising elements

Pugs Atomz is the Chicago-based rapper whose album you wanna listen to like, right now. Especially when you’re not on the West Coast and slowly feel yourself sliding into your yearly winter depression. His 9-track newly released album Highly Regular is wildly catchy, with well-chosen uplifting beats and excellent features (like those soulful summery lines from Shayna Love on track 3, July In Chicago). Songs like From The Gate —with not one, but three features—take you back to how hip hop used to sound. Atomz closes off with jazzy vibes, before transitioning into easy-going bars on a head-nodding, chill beat that slowly turns more juke-ish. Each track has surprising elements that keeps its listener constantly engaged.

The Pittsburgh-born creative isn’t just creating music, his Facebook also shows a statement poncho and on Wednesday nights you can hear his music picks in this radio show. An all-round talent. I’m hyped!

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