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They are taking social media by storm, so chances are that funk lovers already know of this musical duo: Pomplamoose. Known for their crafty remixes and mashups of popular songs, California based Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn release new exciting material each week.

These so called VideoSongs are honest, live recordings, so what you see is what you hear, no hidden sounds. Probably in each video you will see Jack enthusiastically shaking his head to the beat (as is your own head) and making the best faces as he plays his heart out on the keys. You will see Nataly’s dreamy eyes that perfectly match her hazy voice, that girl just breathes serenity. You will see a variety of other super talented musicians such as bass virtuoso Nick Campbell and Brian Green with his silky-smooth guitar licks and riffs.

How ridiculously good they are? Just watch the mind blowing The Weeknd + Michael Jackson + Justin Timberlake mashup. Or the Jamiroquai Bee Gees Mashup. Or Ain’t No Mountain My Girl. It all flows so fluently, just utter genius!

So I reckon that you give these songs heaps and heaps of play time (can you tell I moved to Australia?), but watch out you do not hurt your neck too much. You know, because of the excessive nodding.

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