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Detroit native P8tience has been around for a minute and recently released the powerful track “Keep Calm” — a highly needed, “food for thought” statement on police corruption in the black community. The hip hop dad, as he calls himself, is signed to Black Collar Music Group and part of Black Market Entertainment (insert virtual hand gesture). Founded in 2010 by Obie Trice, label BME focuses on putting upcoming, authentic Detroit MCs in the spotlight. Literally, as P8tience has been on stage with protege Obie on stages in Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, and Copenhagen.

His biography reads “Those that know him, love him and those that are introduced to him are highly impressed by his talent and humility at life”, and that’s exactly the impression he left on me when we met last October. P8tience comes on stage with sophisticated lyrics, an intriguing presence and a solid act, accompanied by down-to-earth gratitude. A man with a message.

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