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Olivier St.Louis | A melting pot of R&B, blues, rock and soul

Berlin. It’s one of those cities that you can never really leave. Not because you can’t, technically, but because it never feels quite done. I’ve been here six years and counting, and still continuously run into new faces where I’m like “Well damn, why haven’t we met before you’re hella great” (Insecure S3, I see you).

How I stumbled upon the artist I’ll introduce in a minute? DJ Complexion introduces DJ Kisa introduces club owner slash DJ searchparadise and here we are exchanging all this new music and sharing Spotify playlists.

Which brings me to Olivier St.Louis, the Washington-born soulful singer that too lives in Berlin and is yet another example of “How come we never met?!”

His 2017 EP Ever Since the Fall is Maxwell’s Ascension meets John Legend’s P.D.A. meets Cody ChesnuTT’s Til I Met Thee meets Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On meets 90s Prince. Meaning, it’s pretty much everything you want from an EP.

The six-song collection is smooth like butter, but also contains whiffs of blues, rock and prominent guitar riffs. The EP is as eclectic as Olivier himself, who graduated with a Bioscience degree before deciding he’d rather chase his musical ambitions. Rightfully so, as it led to heartwarming tunes, touring as Oddisee’s guitarist and support act, as well as working with Hudson Mohawke, Bibio and Onra.

Listen below, while I go and subscribe to his Bandsintown tracker.

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