Sign this kid Okayche

OkayChé | The Cleveland rapper slash producer that is a total catch

OkayChé, you’re very okay Ché.

Just listen to his song “To You”.

My feminine side disappeared completely for a second. I sat there frowning my eyebrows, bouncing my head up and down, thinking “This shit is sooooo HARD” (no classy lady uses that vocabulary, I would imagine). It was the mild version of that Anthony “Spice” Adams ATCQ car video.

“I’m the only man that can rock your world”. Amen, Ché.

The Cleveland rapper released his way too short EP “FRIENDZONE” last Valentine’s Day. A smooth EP with flawless flows, self-produced beats, and all too real lyrics on being friend zoned. Next to his recent release, Okayché seems to have several other projects in motion. One of them is called aXc, with fellow Pressure Squad member Dom X. Apart from rapping, OkayChé also isn’t shy to take a seat behind the control panel himself, as can be heard on “Nameless” by the amazing Toobe Fresco (his entire EP “Let Us Dream” is a blast) and on the SABA-sounding song “Friendly”, by the talented Amigóte Trino.

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