Sign this kid October London

October London | The most versitale artist you will ever hear

October London shows that sometimes I need to make an exception on this blog. Yes, the kid is signed and yes, Snoop Dogg is the one that discovered the Indiana native R&B slash soul singer (who used to go by Sam London). But, I am also pretty sure a lot of folks out there have not come across October London just yet.

In which case you are missing out. Heavy.

Why? Because his newly released album titled “Not Your Average Album” is indeed, refreshingly and amazingly different. Plus, he totally pulled a Beyoncé and brought it out without any warning beforehand.

The album starts with “Late Nights”, in which October sings about late nights with too much whiskey and regrettable drunk texts to all of his exes. One might think the slow jam with megaphone-effect is setting the tone for the rest of the album, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

“Drunk Irish Love” is a folk song that makes you envision liters of beer and big hairy dudes with skirts, drunk-hugging each other. For a moment I was confused on whether the sound came from the absinthe bar downstairs or if it was still my SoundCloud playing.

The rest of the album is as diverse as the first two songs. October London takes us on a journey through so many different music styles. We hear smooth Usher-like R&B on “Burnin'”, while just songs before, on “Air Traffic Control”, London was heavily into acoustic country vibes.

“Oh Jackie” has beautiful trumpets and a late summer night vibe that reminds me of that Sting “All This Time” DVD my mom used to watch on repeat.

The album ends with a very true statement on “Im Winning”, where October London tells how he proved that he can do different genres of music. The versatile artist then goes straight back to his Southern Indiana roots and finishes with some crazy ass hood rap.

Like, what?!

October London, you are a hero. This is EXACTLY what the music business needs.

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