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Nicotine | Turbulent relationships and powerful poetry

“If I die young, tell the world about my music, tell them all that I can do and all the shit I’ve ruined.”

That’s how Nicotine’s album Nicotine: An Open Letter ends. An outro that gave me heavy She’s Gotta Have It vibes, mostly due to the jazzy background music (which is as beautiful as the series opening credits tune by Spike’s father Bill and Bruce Hornsby) and the strength with which Nicotine talks about love. In the outro, notably, she talks a lot softer about the topic than on the spoken word poetry that opens the album.

Nicotine Famous Honey is a neo-soul trio, with main lead #nicthecig or as she herself describes: “an afro-latina pansexual songbird.” However you want to remember her, it only matters that you do. Because this woman and her two musketeers will be worth keeping an eye on.

Their 7-track album is an amazing piece. Eye-opening, utterly honest, and at times discomforting (like when Nicotine talks about a former relationship that varies from abusive, pitiful to being a blessing in disguise). The sober vibes that are so well captured in the opening song only last a minute. On the following track, Tired, we hear Nicotine singing on a “whistling in a grass field full of sunflowers” type of beat, accompanied by Ian Olney (who could definitely be the next Mac Miller). The album then continues to vary between warm, cold, soft, empowering, and rough emotions—though always captivating.

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