Sign this Kid Nakala

Nakala | Soulful UK R&B singer waiting for her breakthrough

SoundCloud is without a doubt the best place to be lost. See, this morning I opened my Facebook and came across a thread about upcoming producers. I clicked on Dee’s boogie down mix of Outkast’s Prototype and left the player on while it automatically switched to the related tracks. I then discovered Drew’s It’s Your Birthday rework, along with his amazingly funky Summer beat. After that, his repost of Sosodality’s better-than-Soulection (yeah I said it) vibecast started playing. The Netherlands-based cousins featured producer MaximuzZ, who included an addictive remix by Nick Pacoli in his guest mix.

And that folks, is how in this morning’s epic musical journey I finally discovered my latest greatest: Nakala.

The poppy, R&B singer has a voice to die for. One that has already been picked up by BBC, Soulection and Majestic. Her song Mango (and its remixes) is the type of song that puts a huge smile on your face and fills your stomach with tiny tingly butterflies. Nakala’s sound is so warm and rounded, you can’t help but fully dive into it and dream away to the soulful melodies. Most of her recent work was just uploaded two/three months ago, which hopefully means Nakala is preparing for the breakthrough that’s about to come her way with a lot more beautiful, melodic music.

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