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Mitch Geist | Flavorful, happy endorphin compilation

You start your computer, head to the kitchen, prepare your first-of-many coffees, go back to your desk and start tackling todo #1 on your list of mundane “Does all of this even make a difference?!” tasks. Welcome to office life. Luckily, I’m saying bye-bye to my cubicle today, but for the next eight hours, I still have a handful of website optimizations to complete.

That’s why I need happy endorphin music. Music that has me doing baby shoulder rolls while I hope none of my colleagues notice that I’m having a desk party by myself. Music that makes me zone out and able to finish the tasks without overthinking my existence.

Thankfully I found Mitch Geist. A freelance audio engineer from Massachusetts.

His 2019 compilation flavors is a 30-track project with upbeat music that sparks joy (without needing to clean). Each track contains just the right amount of vocals to brighten your mood without feeling the need to go full-on karaoke. Perfect work music. Geist’s flavors project contains sunny instrumentals, smooth remixes, rough drafts, loops and ideas. It varies from warm, soulful joints to hip hop instrumentals and more housey-sounding tracks. Among my favorites are 4dafamlee, somethinlikethis, that slowed-down kiki, miami… — wait, I kind of love ’em all!

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