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Mimi Knowles | Pop serenades and pizza

Mimi Knowles. Admittedly, this post would have been more epic if I could have introduced Knowles as the long-lost half-brother of the heroic sisters. In reality, Mimi Knowles is a funky singer who’s based in Provo, Utah and working hard towards his own spark of fame. So hard, that he organized daily pizza giveaways last October in exchange for Facebook engagement (which is the most creative marketing strategy by an independent artist I’ve seen so far).

His journey to stardom let him open up for bands like Boyz II Men, Snoop Dogg, and country-favorite Carrie Underwood. His music collection contains warmly sung covers, as well as his newly released original Limited Edition. Though the upbeat vibes and playful vocals might make the song appear more fun than serious, a beautiful wedding portrait on his Facebook lets me believe Knowles created the pop track to serenade his wife of one year. And that would definitely make my heart melt.

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