Sign this Kid Mez Mariye

Mez Mariyé | The Toronto rapper your friends will be asking about

Mez Mariyé’s four-month-old track Old Friends is one of those true SoundCloud gems. It’s the type of song you play on a get-together and people go “Who dat?” It’s smooth and highly likable, perfectly balancing warm vocals with effortless rap. The Toronto rapper and his producer NS are definitely on the right track.

Prior to this bomb single, Mariyé’s released his 2017, seven-track EP Blessings & Transitions. Mariyé raps about his search for a sign from God, his mom traveling by foot from Ethiopia to Sudan and past, but not forgotten loves. The EP alternates between more bass-heavy, up-tempo rap and storytelling on ballad-like beats. Blessings & Transitions is a solid project that tells the story of a very promising artist that I hope to hear a lot more from. Preferably also in collaboration with fellow Toronto talent JAHKOY again.

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