Sign this kid McKinley Clemons

McKinley Clemons | The rapper that takes it up to another level

McKinley Clemons describes himself as the rapper that raps every day. And that practice definitely shows off.

At only eighteen years old, the Bay area rapper can be proud of the skill he refined over the years. His EP “Midwest Summer” is his eight-month-old project with eleven great tracks, mostly produced by fellow talented teenager MIKE Beats. A producer that shows a lot of versatility in his beats, just like the artist decorating the instrumentals.

Clemons’ music works because of the smooth flow and catchy hooks. I listened to “12:06” for the first time and had a hard time not automatically mumbling “Just might need to take it up another leeeevel” once the third hook hit. The rest of the album I listened while shaking my head like one of those moving head dolls.

Further along on the EP, Clemons raps about his work-ethic and travel dreams on “Upgrade”, saying how he aspires to stack it up and excel to the top. His wanderlust continues on “Island Vibin”, where the rapper daydreams about hanging out the coast. The song thereafter is named “Maui” and indeed, talks about his care-free rowdy party experiences that remind him of the Hawaiian island.

I can see McKinley Clemons doing big things. His “Trillville” EP is as noteworthy as his most recent one, though that project was released already two years ago. That puts Clemons at the age of sixteen. With no record label or fancy producers on his team. So you just go and imagine what the kid can do with a professional team and even more daily practice.

McKinley Clemons should take over the Oakland throne from Kamaiyah on XXL’s Freshman Class 2018 list, but that’s just my humble opinion.

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