Sign this Kid Mayzin Austin Marc

MAYZiN & Austin Marc | A perfect summer breeze

The EP of this golden duo is fresh off the shelves and oh so fine. Oakland rapper MAYZiN and New York producer Austin Marc collaborated on a three-track project called SUMMER BREEZE. And yes, the tracks do have that exact mellow tempo you’d expect from a summer album.

The EP starts with Building Blocks, a song on continuously moving towards your dream and not being too bothered by all the outside noise. Hideout stands out because of MAYZiN’s on-point flow, giving me early GoldLink feelings. When the chorus hits and goes into that “Let’s slide to the hideooouut” part, I envisioned red cup house parties Frontin’-style. Damn, I need a night out.

The EP closes with Distant—on which MAYZiN explains his thoughts on music, productivity and taking time to himself to focus on his priorities. Listen for yourself…

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