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Mavi Phoenix | The ultra cool singer that brings pop to a new level

Tinder is winning again. Music-wise, that is. I’ve probably had more success finding out about new music than hunting down potential lova lovas, but that’s a story for another time.

Earlier I got to know about artists such as RIN, Aristoteles Mendes, Giggs, and Miami electronic DJ duo Paperwater through my right swipes, today I got introduced to Mavi Phoenix. Phoenix is a ridiculously young yet already way-cooler-than-everyone-else-her-age Austrian artist. The 22-year-old singer grew up as Marlene Nader, but adopted the name Phoenix after seeing how brothers Joaquin and River used the word as a symbol for new beginnings. Her music is urban poppy, with electronic influences, catchy voice effects and occasional raps. It’s music that makes you imagine videos with shiny silver costumes, glossy eyelids, and neon lights. Her song Aventura would fit perfectly on one of M.I.A.’s albums as a bonus track. In its accompanying video we see the young prophet on a tennis court, casually posing with snakes and promoting several I need those 032c shirts (a Berlin-based contemporary culture magazine that does amazing merch).

Phoenix started playing guitar and producing music on an old MacBook at just eleven years old. Self-taught, no biggie. Her songs are often politically charged, which is not a surprise as she studies Political Science and is of Syrian descent. A fact that makes me like Mavi Phoenix even more, as she uses her voice to not only treat the world to next level pop tunes, but also to leave the listener thinking about important issues.

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