Sign this Kid Marr Grey

Marr Grey | Will the real Drake please stand up?

If you see French producer Stwo credited on the beats, you know the track is probably going to sound bomb. Which was exactly the case when I started playing Marr Grey’s Say Something. The sexy, auto-tuned vocals and smooth beat can start future romances when played in a dark, steamy clublike setting for sure. The vibes are perfectly fitting to the dvsn slash sonder wave I’ve been on.

Marr Grey is the Baltimore artist that got mistaken for Drake back in July when Drizzy listened to Grey’s Safe House during a jog. Many fans were hoping to catch a snippet of an unreleased Drake song, until finding out it was actually Grey on the vocals. Which tells me that it won’t take long before we hear Grey everywhere. But like, EVERYWHERE. He definitely has the talent. Plus, let’s not forget that everything Drake touches turns to gold.

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