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Louis Futon | Electronic producer with impressive features

Louis Futon has been a long time favorite of mine. The Philly electronic producer—whose friends and family refer to as Tyler Minford— has quickly built up a steady fanbase (two years, to be precise). Which is inevitable when you repeatedly release songs that are not only catchy but also feature other impressive up-and-coming artists. His latest collaboration is with German singer NomBe. Bad Habits is one vibey joint, in the most literal sense of the word (check out the official music video and you’ll see what I mean).

However, don’t stop there. Louis Futon’s SoundCloud feed is where it’s at. Fall On Me featuring BXRBER will take you straight to church (amen). And when you scroll some more, you’ll find his 2017 R&B flips, featuring Kendrick, Frank, Tyler, and Chance edits (I’m especially loving that jazzy Frank Ocean Solo flip). After, you probably also want to listen to his 45-minute mix Zoned Out Vol. 2—an “oh damn what’s this song?” set that will brighten your mood.

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